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Conquistadors and Paradors Cycle Tour

Ride with us through Extremadura, Western Spain, a forgotten treasure, a bird-spotters paradise and an undiscovered tourist idyll. Our ride leads us through wooded sierras and green valleys of oak, cork and olive trees. We meander along the banks of one of Spain's major rivers, the Tajo, as it cuts through the National Park of Monfrague, home to a diverse population of birds. Centuries ago these lands were the recruiting grounds for the conquistadors escaping for a better life in Latin America, and the wealth that was accumulated is evident in the picturesque towns and magnificent buildings that your guides will steer you to.

This region has two distinct types of landscapes; the steppes formed by endless undulating plains covered with grasses and herbs, and the dehesas, the name given to expansive areas of farmland consisting of groves of low density, mature oak trees usually given over to grazing for the black Iberian pig.

Sights and History of Your Extremadura Cycling Vacation

Civilization first arrived in Extremadura during the bronze and iron ages with Phoenicians and Carthaginians settlers, and it wasn't until the beginning of 155 B.C. that the region was conquered by the Roman Empire. In 411 A.D. Christian Visigoth kings replaced the crumbling Roman empire and Mérida became the seat of the Archbishop of Spain. This was not to last though and Extremadura was captured by invading Arabs in 713 A.D. and for the next five hundred years was under Islamic rule.  By 1230 Muslim castles and fortified cities in the region were reconquered by Christians forces.

Step back in time in the selection of Paradors that have been chosen for your stay. Paradors are luxury hotels created from beautifully restored National Heritage properties and include unique, historic buildings such as convents, monasteries and castles.

Food and Wine of the Extremadura Bike Tour

In Extremadura the people are known for the quality of their cuisine. Like every region in Spain it has its hidden culinary gems and the two most precious are pork and peppers. The pork, cured and ready to be cut into thin slices is called jamón, and Extremaduran jamón is a sought-after product worldwide. The care and feeding of the pigs is the key and these Iberian pigs are probably the most spoilt in Spain, feasting on acorns in the dehesas throughout the winter. Also well-known for the quality of its paprika the vibrant, rust-red pimentón de la vera  paprika is special due to the fact that it's smoked and is made solely in La Vera Valley. Equally irresistible are the chorizo and morcilla (blood sausage), often made with potatoes. A common accompaniment to certain dishes is migas, bread crumbs soaked in water then fried in olive oil with garlic, peppers, and sausage.

The basic wines produced in the region have not traditionally attracted the attention of the outside world , however, the Ribera del Guadiana DO title was established within the region in 1999 to represent the best that Extremadura has to offer. All other wines produced in Extremadura are permitted to use only the term Vino de la Tierra Extremadura (Extremadura VT), a lesser category than DO. Tempranillo has traditionally been the favourite grape variety as it responds well to the regional soil conditions, although the more-adventurous winemakers are experimenting with other international varieties. Extremadura's vineyards are also home to local white varieties such as Cayetana.

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