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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to explain everything and answer all your questions as you browse through our site, but if there should be something that you’re not sure about then please contact us or look through the frequently asked questions below.

How far do we cycle each day?

A typical daily distance that we cycle on our tours is 50 kms, although some days are shorter. All our routes are thoughtfully planned routes to show you the very best of France and Spain in the greatest possible comfort. This means minimising, as far as is possible, the number, length and severity of the climbs on all our tours and maximising the time spent on tranquil, almost traffic-free, back-roads.

What is the weather normally like?

We would like to be able to guarantee the weather for our customers, but unfortunately this isn’t possible. We do try to time our tours for the most suitable and pleasant weather in each region, hence the most Southerly regions not being visited in the height of Summer and the more Northerly regions not being visited too early or too late in the year. It’s advisable to pack your sunglasses and a stock of suntan lotion as it can get quite hot especially towards mid-afternoon.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, of course you can bring your own bike, although we have experienced, in the past, the customer arriving without the bike which is still in transit with the airline, and then not arriving until a couple of days later. Our bikes are of a high quality and we do carry spares for them so you should never be in the position of being without a bike. If you want to bring your own saddle by all means do so and we’ll gladly fit it to our bike for the duration of our tour.

Are beverages included with the evening meal?

Each customer is allocated half a bottle of wine each per evening and an after dinner coffee, but any additional beverages should be paid for at the time or charged to your room to pay before our departure the following morning.

Do you cater for special diets?

The French cuisine does tend to be based around a variety of meats and animal produce, but arrangements can be made for special diets to be catered for. Please complete the dietary boxes on the booking form and this shouldn’t be a problem.

How do I get there?

Please see each tour itinerary for details of collection and drop-off locations, although below is a brief guide as to the options available to our customers. Please feel free to contact us for any help and advice regarding your journeys to and from the collection points.

By air: Due to the massive growth of budget airlines operating from the UK it may well prove to be a more economic and hassle-free option, for even our customers from further afield, to fly into the UK and then out again with a budget airline. With a large selection of destination airports to choose from, and fares sometimes as little as 1 penny, yes, 1 penny, it may well be worth it. Other options may be to fly into Paris and then to take rail transport to your collection point. Useful links to explore if travelling by air from the UK are, or

By rail: Most places in France are reachable by train and we’ve chosen our collection and drop-off locations for ease of use by our customers. The French high speed train, TGV, is a very efficient form of transport for crossing the country, although not all railway stations are TGV stations. The TGV is available from the UK (Waterloo, London) and France (Paris) and if your destination station is not a TGV station then it only requires a simple connection. A useful link to look at is or Please feel free to contact us for any advice and assistance in arranging your journeys.

By Car: This option may be a more preferable choice for our British customers or for those joining us on a Deluxe Cycle Tour as part of a longer stay in France. Secure parking can be arranged at our first hotel along with transport back to the hotel at the end of your tour. For details of ferry or tunnel crossings please take a look at the following links.

What clothing should I bring?

We want you to be comfortable on your Deluxe Cycle Tour and therefore recommend, that if nothing else, you invest in a decent pair of cycling shorts with some form of padded liner. These can be purchased from most quality cycling stores and are usually available in either a tight fitting lycra style or a loose more casual style. An alternative would be to wear just a regular pair of shorts with a pair of padded undershorts. With regards to the rest of your clothing, anything that you feel comfortable wearing, which may consist of leisure/cycling garments or just regular tee-shirts, shorts and trainers/sneakers. Remember to pack at least one warm top-layer just in case and also something for the evenings, although it’s not necessary to bring your best cocktail dress and tuxedo as the evenings are quite relaxed and informal.

Do I have to be very fit to do the tours?

Our tours are aimed at the leisure cyclist with a reasonable level of fitness, although certain tours require a little more physical exertion than others. We don’t glue your feet to the pedals so at any time during the day you’re free to get off and walk for a short distance or even retire to the support vehicle.

How big is the group?

In order to give a personal service to all our customers we do like to quote a maximum of 16 people, although circumstances could dictate that more were possible on certain tours. The minimum number is 6 and this is in order to create a good group atmosphere and this could be made up of singles and couples. We do reserve the right to cancel any tour, with a minimum of five weeks notice, if we fail to get the minimum number of customers.

Will I need travel insurance?

All customers must have suitable travel insurance, which we recommend provides them with appropriate cover for cycling in France and to include medical cover. Details will be required by the Guides on the first day of the tour.

Do I have to carry my clothes each day?

No, our support vehicle will transfer all luggage not needed for the days ride onto the next hotel. Should anybody want to do a spot of souvenir shopping then the vehicle will always be on hand to convey those larger objects.

What other things should I bring with me?

We advise you to bring sun-tan lotion/cream, a pair of sunglasses (sometimes the lighter lens variety are preferable for cycling as even if it’s a dull day they protect your eyes from dust and insects), a hat, perhaps some travel wash which can come in handy and requires you to pack less clothes, a small amount of Euros as sometimes in the more remote places it’s difficult to find cash dispensers and your sense of adventure!

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